Bol Bam Sewa Evm Kalyaan samiti

1. Bhole Baba Ki Barat - Bol Bam Seva Evm Kalyaan Samiti is conducting "Bhole Baba Ki Baraat" program since 10 years in the Occasion of Maha Shivratri followed by the worshippers riding on bikes through the cities wearing helmet inviting For the Baraat Of Lord Shiva. This year the Samiti created a World Record in Golden Book of World records by having maximum participation.

The Baraat (religious rally) has 101 sites with around 4000 people in a costume of Lord Ram, Ravana, Vibhishan, and devils-spirits-ghosts.
The program is then followed by bike rally having all the worshippers holding the flags with the sigil of Lord Shiva on it. This rally is popular by the name "Baba ki Shankhnad Rally".
Also, this programme has a participation of states like Madhya Pradesh, Hyderabad, Maharashtra, and Chhattisgarh having all the saints, ministers, MLAs from the respective states.

All these dignitaries have the path reflected and blessings showered and support, love for a better future. Also in this festival from different places, small powers together create a Big Power which keeps energizing the Bhilai city and makes it same as the great power Mahakal which makes it getting to be known as Mini India.

2. Ek Sham Bhole Baba Ke Naam - For 10 years We have been conducting "Ek Sham Bhole Baba Ke Naam" program in Sawan. The programme includes the religious songs sung by women, children and men and everyone get amused by the power of goddesses.The whole Bhilai gets drowned in the flavor of this festival.

Har Har Mahadev.

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